Treat adult worms with folk remedies at home

The appearance of parasitic inhabitants in the human body becomes the cause of many diseases. Folk remedies for worms in adults can be used as a prophylactic or complex treatment. They are harmless and quickly relieve unpleasant symptoms such as abdominal pain, discomfort in the stool, nausea.

Rules of medical treatment at home

Folk recipes create an unfavorable environment for helminths. The activity of enzymes in the stomach increases, which begins to interfere with the absorption of nutrients by the parasites.

It is possible not only to deworm with folk remedies, but also to improve the intestinal microflora, eliminate bacteria that are difficult to digest.

Treatment of worms with folk remedies should be carried out by an integrated method.

  • In the early stages, they resort to prescriptions that can kill the parasites. Deworming can be done by folk remedies, especially due to the paralyzing effect of the musculoskeletal system of helminths.
  • It is necessary to accelerate the process of getting rid of free parasites from the body. Continue treating the worms with an enema or laxative.
  • Traditional medicine recommends prebiotics and probiotics to restore intestinal microflora.
  • To prevent a new infection, it is necessary to strengthen immunity. For this purpose, they add vitamins and minerals, as well as immunomodulatory substances.

Before using selected folk remedies for worms, you should consult a specialist. He, given the severity of the disease process and the degree of infection, can recommend the best formulation and dosage.

garlic for worms

Preparations intended for human consumption, made at home, are not only safe, but also economical. Fighting parasites is easy and quick, but the money remains.

Many types of worms die in the human body from consuming spicy or bitter foods. From the worms in humans, garlic, onion, horseradish, ginger, pepper, cloves are added to the therapeutic mixture. They are able to expel not only helminths on their own, but also the toxins they secrete, normalizing the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiac system.

During the treatment of worms with folk remedies, you should eat acidic foods. Acids have the ability to drive away parasites and cleanse the body of harmful substances produced by them (sauerkraut, citrus fruits, sour apples).

Medicines to help

At the heart of many folk remedies against worms in humans are medicinal herbs.

An anthelmintic remedy based on tansy has an anthelmintic effect. It is especially actively related to pinworms, roundworms. The bitter taste leads to paralysis of the neuromuscular apparatus of the parasite, and excretion occurs freely, along with feces.

celandine from worms

To make a decoction, you need to take 30 g of dry ingredients, put in 200 ml of boiling water. The medical component must be insisted for several hours and filtered through gauze. It should be taken after meals, three times a day. A single dose is 20-30 ml.

Treatment with folk remedies includes decoction with celandine. To prepare the infusion, it is necessary to take not only the grass, but also the roots of this plant. It is enough to take 30 g of raw materials, grind and pour boiling water - 200 ml. After insisting, the healing ingredient should be filtered. It is better to take the drug in the first half of the day, twice 40 ml. To get rid of worms permanently, you need to drink for three days.

Wormwood also helps in deworming. Its effectiveness is shown not only in relation to roundworms and tapeworms, but also Giardia. Crushed dry grass, pour boiling water in. You need to take the drug 3-4 times a day - before meals, 60 ml.

In the process of fighting worms, nettle can be used. For home treatment results, fresh herbs are needed. Dill grass pot 40 g, pour 200 ml of boiling water into a simmer. After boiling, you need to cook for about 10-15 minutes and let the broth infuse for 4-5 hours. Drink deworming decoction should be from 70-80 ml before meals for a week.

Recipe for deworming with onions. One head of an onion is poured with a bottle of vodka. Press for a week and drink on an empty stomach 5 ml three times a day.

Folk remedies for the treatment of helminthiasis should be taken with caution during pregnancy, childhood and old age.

Preparations from vegetables and fruits

The most effective and popular are folk remedies for worms, which include a spice vegetable such as garlic.

How to deworm with garlic? There are different ways to prepare decoctions and tinctures for drinking or enema from garlic.

milk and garlic for deworming

If there is no gastrointestinal disease, you should eat a few cloves of garlic in the morning before breakfast and wash it off with warm milk. An hour later, it is recommended to take a laxative.

Garlic and horseradish tincture can quickly expel worms from the body. Vegetables need to take 30g each, finely chopped. Pour wine or vodka (500 ml) and leave for 10-14 days. Finished alcohol drink 3 times a day before meals, each time 30 ml.

At home, you can prepare a decoction for making an enema. To expel worms (especially pinworms), a garlic enema is ideal. A few cloves of garlic smashed and poured 200 ml of water. Mix well and filter. It is better to perform enema at night for 5 days.

Folk dewormers can be prepared on the basis of milk (for enema) and garlic. Whole heads of peeled vegetables are soaked in 200 ml of milk and boiled until completely tender. Then filter and let cool. For one course, you need to take 20 ml of a decoction.

Fresh carrot juice will help eliminate helminths in the body and increase immunity. In the morning before breakfast, you need to drink 200 ml of fresh drink.

In the process of healing with folk remedies, you can use a decoction of pomegranate peels. The peel should be poured with 250 ml of water and boiled for 2 hours. You need to drink with meals three times a day.

Effective folk remedies include pumpkin seeds. They have long been known for their deworming properties. For this recipe, you'll need to grind not only the kernel but also the pods. To expel helminths from the body, you need to eat every morning before breakfast, one tablespoon of the powder is obtained. You can drink it with milk.

If you have found a tapeworm, then you can use a folk method based on pumpkin seeds. Seeds (raw or dried but not fried) with no skin on, no green film to the touch. Blend and fill with water. Add a little honey. Drink in the morning before meals. After you need to do a clean douche.

Other lineups

There are many other folk remedies against helminths that can be prepared at home from safe products.

Natural deworming propolis has the ability to kill bacteria and disinfect surfaces. The use of propolis-based formulations leads to the activation of protective antibodies in the body. With a vengeance, they begin to fight against the alien microorganisms.

How to get rid of worms with a bee product? It is recommended to take propolis in its natural form three times a day, 0. 5 g (small balls).

The traditional method to help get rid of worms is to use a solution based on baking soda. To prepare the treatment solution, you need to take a liter of water and pour 30-40 g of soda. Enter the rectum and hold for 30 minutes.

It is possible to cure diseases with soda solution by creating an alkaline environment, killing worms, easily expelling worms from the body. Soda reduces inflammation and heals damaged areas in the intestines.

A mixture of cognac and castor oil will help get rid of parasites quickly. In the morning before breakfast, you need to drink 50 g of cognac and the same amount of castor oil. The deworming action occurs due to the fact that alcohol leads to the immobility of the parasites, and they lose their ability to attach and feed. Castor oil has a laxative effect, so deworming people is very easy. The course of treatment is three days.

If the infestation of helminths causes dangerous complications when relying only on traditional medicine methods for treatment. It can cause deterioration and develop complications.